DV Community Watchdog

We are a group of Dammeron Valley residents who are very much interested in our Valley's affairs.
Although not all of us are remaining in the DVLA, we think that there are issues, that affect the life
of all residents alike, no matter if there are in an Association or not.

Our goal is to raise awareness of those issues, research the matter thoroughly and report back to all residents.
We will post our findings along with the evidence for all to see. That's what we call transparency.

We noticed that the DVLA reports only selected information (if at all) on their website;
most times without any background information. Sometimes, as published in their recent letter,
they prefer not to stand up at all for us residents when it come to certain areas, e.g. water system,
sewer issues or zoning concerns. All these issues are crucial for us residents since they affect
our daily life and the entire Valley's future! We cannot just close our eyes and see how it turns out.

Therefore 'The Watchdog' will soon post relevant information on their new FaceBook page.
As soon the page goes online, we will post a notice here.

If you see or hear anything of concern in our valley, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We are happy to look at every issue, no matter what it may be.
If you want to get involved and participate in this satisfying community work, let us know.

We all cherish our neighborhood and want the best for our friends and neighbors.
We all deserve it.

DV Community Watchdog