May, 19, 2017

Today the'Exit' considering subdivisions voted. The counting was held at the Washington County Clerks office
and was conducted by a county Representative with participation of several Exit Initiative Coordinators, two Board
Members and a neutral ballot handler. The procedure was also witnessed by the County Clerk and
the Deputy County Attorney, as well as a number of homeowners.

Two subdivisions did not receive enough ballots to proceed and therefore were not counted.
Five subdivisions voted affirmative FOR EXIT (the majority of total votes cast within each subdivision in this election),
but did not get the required majority of each subdivision's landowners that was needed to exit the DVLA.

The three subdivisions below did get the required majority of votes by owners (>50%) , according to their covenants.
The majority voted FOR EXITING and therefore left the DVLA today. A Termination Notice (see below) was recorded
by the Washington County Recorder for each of the three subdivisions.

Download: DVH Termination Download: DVF Termination Download: DVF-2A Termination

Thank you all for your participation..

5 more subdivisions voted and the results are in

Download: DVOF-1 Termination Download: OFMS-2 Termination Download: OFSO Termination

Download: CTDV Termination

High Grounds Subdivision voted to leave the DVLA  DVHG Termination.

If you would like to show your appreciation for the Exit Initiative's efforts
by contributing to their legal expenses leading to the exit success, please CLICK HERE