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The following are valid reasons to consider exiting the DVLA:

[1] Lack of Representation: Dues paying landowners express a lack of representation and lack of transparency by board members in association dealings. The notices of work meetings and regular meetings are not properly made public. The meetings are no longer recorded on audio. The minutes are incomplete or inaccurate. There are questionable accounting practices being employed and improper transfer of funds from savings to operating budget. When the board is questioned on these discrepancies, some of the board members usually become defensive and combative. The owners are made to feel they have no rights to this information.

[2] Developer Above Landowners: The action of the board, past and present, has put the needs of the developer above the landowners who have elected them as OUR representatives. The board and the developer have a relationship where the developer’s interests take precedence over the landowners’ interests. The board has used its position to influence the Washington County Commissioners and Planning and Zoning to help further the developer in his variances for road standards, as well as trail access and future development. This, instead of using their influence to require the developer to adhere to County Codes, State Law and legal agreements made with School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA). If the DVLA is not going to protect and represent the owners’ interests first, what value or purpose does the DVLA have?

[3] Sporadic Enforcement: There has been an unfair and unreasonable enforcement of the CC&Rs and Architectural Guidelines. Since the DVLA board has limited enforcement powers, they resort to intimidation, or even threats of litigation. Often, they choose not to act at all and the results can be seen throughout the valley. These actions and omissions by the DVLA are a liability for its members.

[4] Forced Support of Incorporation: The developer has wanted and pushed for incorporation of the Dammeron Valley, for a number of years. The new CC&Rs for Juniper Ridge and Meadows East include language in Article III, General Provisions paragraph 7-d stating, that all owners are encouraged to support incorporation. When this was brought to the board’s attention the developer indicated he would strike this from the CC&Rs. This has not happened to date. In the same Article (III 7c) the developer reserves the sole right to terminate the DVLA membership of that subdivision and form a new association, forcing the respective owners to join it.

[5] Litigation Litany: The board continues to be involved in lawsuits and litigation with the lack of transparency in the cost and rulings in regards to these proceedings.  Currently, the DVLA Board has collaborated with the developer in a common defense indicating the landowners are indemnified. The board has been misled and/or has misled the owners. The DVLA is at risk for potential judgment should the plaintiff prevail. We as owners have a right to the facts in these matters as it does affect all of us. The risk of future litigation will significantly increase when new home sites are added to the DVLA and building projects begin. (second lawsuit filed May 11, 2017)

[6] Reserve Accounts Used without Approval of members: A review of recent financial statements/budgets of the DVLA shows that the income and expenses are not balanced. Every year the board decides to tap into savings accounts to either pay common expenses, support community projects or use reserve money for various litigation.  This behaviour is at best questionable but its definitely not sustainable in the end. This will result in a significant increase in association dues for all members of the DVLA. This conduct will even be more detrimental when more homes are added to the DVLA in the future.

These are just a few of the concerns owners are expressing in regards to the operation and function of the DVLA Board. Please join with our subdivision to end this potentially harmful situation.  We can do without a landowners association.  Your input and participation is always appreciated.

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