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NEW:HIGH GROUNDS voted to exit the DVLA 11/14/2017

Old Farms 1 and 2 voted to exit the DVLA 9/11/2017
Another 2 subdivisions voted FOR EXIT of the DVLA.
For more details and Termination Papers please click here

Canyon Trails 1 & 2 voted to exit the DVLA 8/12/2017

Old Farms South voted to exit the DVLA 8/2/2017
The result for the Old Farms South (OFSO)  Subdivision is in.
6 votes FOR Termination, 3 votes against.
Therefore, a Termination was filed with a 2/3rd majority of homeowners of said subdivision.


Do you appreciate 'Your Exit' ?

After weeks of preparing for 'The Exit', we finally made it! Many subdivisions have recorded their exists so far with Washington County, disassociating with the DVLA. This was truly a grassroots effort, and the support of so many concerned landowners made it all possible. Thank you.
Even with all the hard work and dedication of volunteers, certain legal fees and recording expenses occurred to make the Exit possible. If you would like to know how you can show your appreciation for the Exit Initiative's efforts, please click here.

Property Manager releases an official Statement
June 28,2017
Monarch Property Management, the managing company for the DVLA, released an email statement to one of the Homesteads residents. Besides Farms and Farms 2A, Homesteads is the third DV subdivision that has now the official 'Exit' status. Later this week, Monarch will send out letters to all residents who have received billing statements in error. These will include a refund, in case owners in such subdivisions already paid the bill, and hopefully, it includes an apology for the confusion they and the DVLA Board have caused.
Update: 07/05/2017 - Most homeowners received the previously announced and highly expected clarification letter.

One remaining Board Member appoints new Board Members
June 20,2017
DVLA members report, that AB Johnson, after he resigned, did not accept his own resignation.
Instead, he appointed secretly 2 new Board Members without informing or requesting any support from the DVLA membership at large. While this action raises concerns in the Dammeron Community, DVLA members are still waiting for an official clarification on the Board Member issue, the distributed letters and wrongly issued invoices by Monarch, and an offcial acknowledgement of the subdivisions that exited last month.

DVLA is ruled by just one remaining Board Member
June 13, 2017, Dammeron Valley
wo of three remaining board members just resigned. The DVLA Board now consists of just one (1) single Board Member, AB Johnson.

Whereas some residents think, the resigning board members showed great personal integrity by disassociating themselves from a dysfunctional organization, others remain sceptical, since AB , one of the key figures in the two DVLA lawsuits, may be litigious and would bring another lawsuit against the DVLA. This time against our own neighbors. 

It was reported by numerous residents, that Monarch (the property management company) has not yet received clear directions from the Board in regard to their recent uncontrolled billing campaign, nor the official recognition of the exit status of the Homesteads subdivision. Instead, according Marie R., a Monarch representative, the property management takes directions directly from Mr. Pace's attorney. Meanwhile, residents of all subdivisions expressing their concerns.

If you feel, that our neighbors in 'Homesteads' deserve some peace of mind, and would like to show your kind support, please contact AB Johnson, and drop him a

Three more Dammeron Valley Utah subdivisions choose to exit HOA
By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities
Read an interesting article online.
Read full article - click here).

‘DVExit,’ 3 of 10 Dammeron Valley subdivisions vote to leave homeowners association 
Read full article - click here)


May 11, 2017, St George Utah, Fifth Judicial District Court.
The DVLA, as well as Dammeron Corp, Brooks Pace and others just got suit in a second lawsuit. This case is similar to the other suit that was filed earlier, namely alleging  that the DVLA does not abide by its own governing documents and acts in the best interest of the developer (Dammeron Corp and Pace), ignoring its own rules in the process.

Click here for a closer look
Please check your mailbox if you have not received your official voting documents yet. If you have not received your voting package by Thursday, May 11,2017 please contact any of the representatives

DVLA forces a Subdivision into the Association – another possible litigation in the making?Recently the ‘Annual Meeting Info Package’ was sent by the DVLA to all members. In it the Board proposes an amendment that would allow future annexation of subdivisions, and suggests forcing the first one, Juniper Ridge, right into the Association. Against the wishes of Juniper Ridge Landowners!
Click here for a closer look

DVLA announced community forum
The DVLA posted signs announcing a community forum meeting to be held on Saturday, April 29. While the sign does not detail the intent, agenda or format of the meeting, a note from the DVLA to some members of the ‘DV Exit Initiative’ states the DVLA is hosting the community forum to address ‘questions and concerns regarding the exit initiatives’ of the (currently) seven subdivisions considering exit steps. Although members of the Exit Initiative were invited to participate on short notice, neither the format of the meeting nor the date was agreed upon. The 'DV Exit Initiative' will not participate in the meeting, although individuals may or may not attend. Please read our entire statement.

Members question DVLA accounting practices
DVLA members frequently inquire about the associations accounting practices. Therefore the Board ordered last year a (what they call) audit that actually raises more questions than it provides assurance for the members. Please take a closer look here.

We need to hear from you
If you have not already told the volunteers in your subdivision how you think about a possible exit,
now it's a good time to do so. Please fill out our new ONLINE SURVEY, send a brief EMAIL or CALL
a volunteer of your subdivision. This is important for evaluating the interest for either moving forward
or if everything will stay 'as is'. Your voice matters.

Informational Meeting
A meeting is scheduled for those subdivisions that are exploring the 'DVLA Exit'.
The meeting will be held on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at the DV Fire Station at 10 am.
Homeowners of these subdivisions will be informed about the required procedure for
a possible exit. Homeowners of other subdivisions may attend as observers.
However, contrary to recent published information by non-participating sources:
This is not an official DVLA meeting, nor a community hearing. No voting will take place at this time.

Online Survey now available
It’s important for each subdivision to gauge the level and types of concerns members
may have regarding the DVLA in order to thoughtfully consider whether to move forward with exit activities.
Therefor we prepared an online survey. Your responses are appreciated and will help determine next steps.
Click here for the Survey

DVLA distances themselves officially from water issues but evidence shows otherwise
The DVLA Board just made an assertion in a recent published DVLA letter that
the DVLA "authority and responsibility does not extend to the sewer and water systems...".
This might be true, but we have to take a closer look.(Click here for details)