Dear Neighbors,

We have noticed some confusion about several issues that pertain to Dammeron Valley. Topics like pending lawsuits, subdivisions leaving and attempts to incorporate the valley into a town, are on the minds of many of our residents. Therefore, we studied the topics and here are our findings regarding the three foremost concerns:

1)  Pending Lawsuit

The DVLA is named in a pending lawsuit as co-defendant along with the developer Brooks Pace.  A possible judgement could result in substantial payments to be made by members of the DVLA to the plaintiff.

2) Financial Situation and Disclosures of the DVLA

The association is consistently spending more money every year than it is collecting in dues. That kind of handling of our assets and corresponding actions is overstepping authority and is poor management.

3) Concerning Dammeron Valley Changes

An expansion of another 500 homes is in Dammeron Valley’s near future. In addition, a so-called “Unification of the CC&Rs” is currently under consideration, and plans to incorporate the valley are surfacing more frequently.

What does all of this mean for Dammeron Valley residents?

Our valley faces serious issues in the future. Our highly appreciated lifestyle and our quality of life could be at stake. Besides financial burdens, we are facing a substantial change to our living environment. In the end there could be many more homes built, more traffic, destruction of our rural area, and, last but not least, an increase in dues and possible special assessments. Stopping these all depends on our ability to stand up and voice our concerns in the community and on a municipal level.

While it may be beneficial for new subdivisions to be regulated and supervised to some extent during the building phase, many of our subdivisions in the valley were formed 30-40 years ago. They are well-established now, and it can reasonably be expected that they will stay the way they are. Therefore, many homeowners question the need to have an association at all! Some do not feel that their voices are heard, nor that the DVLA represents them properly. They feel that too many errors and omissions have been made in the past, and are under way right now.

Can something be done?  Yes. The residents of the Ranches and the Meadows subdivisions already acted and separated themselves from the DVLA by leaving the association last year. They found that the benefits of leaving the association are far greater than those in staying and possibly becoming prey to overreaching board members in the future. Our neighbors desire to speak for themselves and not be misrepresented by someone else. That is why they left the DVLA.

The reason for this letter is to hear from all of you who appreciate the quality of life here in the valley. We need your opinion, and, in case a majority is in favor of leaving the DVLA, we shall then initiate the required process for exiting.

Please, let us know during this evaluation if you are for or against leaving the DVLA.

Just tell the person who gave you this letter or send us a brief email. You are not required to elaborate on your decision.  Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns, or visit our website for more information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

DVLA Exit Initiative

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