Fact Check

Here is a map of the planned future development in Dammeron Valley.
Please pay special attention to the red areas (future commercial).

The Board just admitted in their Feb 24, 2017 letter without rejecting these plans:
"...we will see this valley explode with new homes" and "...we could see the population of DV nearly double"

Well, luckily it's not that simple. Concerned homeowners stepped up and approached the County Commissioners.
Fortunately the County Commissioners recognized the problems and decided in favor of the residents.

Is this what residents really want? It clearly shows that we must voice our concerns ourselfes and cannot rely
on the representation of a Board that shows such disregard for the residents.

Let's now examine who is actually the driving force behind such plans?
It's appaling that the DVLA Board succombed to the developer and his above shown plans.
However, the foundation is already laid for new buyers. They are being silenced by the developer
the moment they sign the purchasing contract.

If residents don't want to be a part of this horrible scheme they must disassociate themselves unambiguously
from such practices of these irresponsible parties. The residents voice and their concerns must be heard
without being muzzled by the developer and our own DVLA Board. The future of Dammeron Valley is at stake.

Download the original map here

Download the Juniper Ridge covenant here