Fact Check

The DVLA Board just made an assertion in a recent published DVLA letter that
the DVLA "authority and responsibility does not extend to the sewer and water systems...".

It seems to be an excuse to stay away from crucial issues many residents are concerned of.

In fact, this statement is not true. In the past they have indeed taken up water service issues on behalf of the developer !

It may be right that it's not the DVLA's authority, but it's definitly their fiduciary duty to stand up for their members
in every issue that pertains the living in our great Valley. It may not be convenient, but for sure it's the right thing to do.

Fiduciary duty (or the Duty of Loyalty) means that a Board Member must represent the HOA as a whole, rather than make decisions based on any personal interest or gain.

It's appaling that the DVLA stand up for projects of the developer, but show a lack of representation for issues on hand
for the concerns of the Dammeron Valley residents. More troublesome is, that the DVLA makes public statements and then they act differently. What are those public statement worth?

Please examine carefully the current examples of support and omissions of the DVLA in our 'Quick Facts' section.

Full text of DVLA / Water company support letter