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 Do I have to do anything to let the Initiative know about my opinion?

 What is the actual procedure to 'Exit' the DVLA?

 What is the DVLA?

 What is an association and what powers does it have?

 Will I end up with a pink house next to me?

 Exit DVLA. Then what?

 What is 'the lawsuit' everybody talks about?

 Is the lawsuit a one time incident or can this happen again?

 Will I lose my fire protection if I exit the DVLA?

 Will I lose my water if I exit the DVLA?

 What about the repairing or resurfacing of streets in the future?

 How does leaving influence zoning and other developments?

 How can leaving influence the preservation of trails and access to public lands for recreational use, e.g. walking and horse riding?

 How does leaving influence commercial developments and incorporation?

Is leaving the DVLA a good idea?

 Just got a letter from the DVLA. What is this about?


We collect the most asked questions and publish them here in this FAQ section.
If you have a question or concern, please contact us. It might be something that could benefit your neighbors as well. Thank you.

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