About Us


We are a group of concerned homeowners who enjoy our country lifestyle here in Dammeron Valley.


Recent developments and proposed changes seem to threaten exactly that. On one hand the developer tries to encroach our lifestyle with his new visions for the valley and projects, that oppose and destroy everything that we hold dear. On the other hand many homeowners don't feel that their voices are heard. We all appreciate the nature and surrounding open space, hiking and riding trails that existed for decades. Who does not want to keep the seclusion, quietness and the clear night sky views here in the Valley? I'm sure ... we all do. But how can we keep that?


Unfortunately it seems that our own Community representatives, the DVLA Board, is not stepping up when issues arise that threaten our lifestyle and expectations.  At least not to the full extent we are entitled to.


Therefore we, the DVLA Exit Initiative, find that the best way that our individual voices get heard is, to part with the Association. Then, whatever issues may arise in the future we can be assured that we don't have to rely on representatives that show only half hearted efforts, feeding the community selected 'truths' or even worse, are siding with the developer.


We created this website to inform interested homeowners about the biggest concerns that are on hand or may arise in the future. Please join our initiative by letting us know if you feel the same way.

Thank you for your time and honest consideration.


DVLA ‘Exit’ Initiative 

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...and please, participate in our online survey.
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